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Madness Platform Madness Platform

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Enjoyed it

Yeah, i can really see the potential of this. It's my big problem with madness interactive is the evil mouse aiming/picking up controls. I'm always screaming..for gods sake come on! as the little hands refuse to pick up the guns or move to shoot.
As a test it rips along. Nice and fast. Are you going to release the code? It would be nice to see it without Madness characters in it.

Jeanzy responds:

release the code ? can u fill me in on that i'm not quite sure what you mean. i had the same problem with the good madness game, the controls stuffed me up, but the downloadable version rocked! i am using the madness characters so there is more madness flash on this site, i've seen some tributes and they r terrible and only 5 seconsd long so i wanted to make a decent game. thanks for the feedback